Welcome to MK PRINTECS

MK PRINTECS MACHINERY is located in Thiruthangal , Tamilnadu , India . we are very nearly in sivakasi ( little japan ). We are one of the most reputable and knowledgeable supplier of Label printing machine , offset printing machine and Guillotine. we are supplying high quality machines at the best and reasonable price .



The printing principle of the Flexo Label Printing Machine is to transfer the ink from roller to the plate, then

from the plate to the printing materials. It can print stablely and with high speed on woven label, Satin

weave label and paper rolls. The printing is thick, bright / fresh and stable. Customer can change

different printing rollers and can change printing length.



                  The fast production of label industries  is should be essential  for  ultra fast production of

textile industries . SO in this point of view we are make Tie up with Chinese company ( TAIWAN

TECHNOLOGY ) and make the contract for new brand taffeta rotary machine, ultrasonic cutting

machine and ultra sonic cutting and folding machine.

                       These machines are fully based on Textile industries  and Garment industries. It should

be satisfied the needs of  these industries. It is mainly help full for to print the Woven label, satin

and taffeta .


The maximum speed of  Rotary machine is                   : 60 M / min
The maximum cutting speed of  ultra sonic cutting is  : 1800 dozen / min

The maximum speed of ultra sonic cutting & folding   : 240 nos /  min


We have attached the machine Catalogue, if you want please Click the links : Catalogue-1 , Catalogue-2 , Catalogue-3 .